Brenna Carlyle Duff is a New York-based ready-to-wear designer from Toronto, Canada. Based in New York since 2008, Brenna has been designing womens ready-to-wear with a strong focus on the designer and contemporary markets for over 10 years. 

Brenna specializes in designing womenswear; with a personal favoritism of soft woven separates, dresses, and tailoring. Brenna has extensive experience in these areas, as well as denim, evening, outerwear and menswear programs.

Since starting in the fashion industry in 2005, Brenna has worked for various brands and designers, gaining the opportunity to impact many different areas in addition to design; such as merchandising, technical design, business growth strategy, eComm management, styling and copywriting. Working for both growing and established brands, Brenna has been truly immersed in every aspect of starting, building, growing and sustaining a business.

Known for her strong visual concepts and and unique yet commercially-successful designs, Brenna immerses herself in creating a world around key concepts and prizes narrative storytelling through design detail cohesion, color and material themes. Brenna thoroughly enjoys having a hand in every aspect of seeing her designs from initial idea to finished product. As such, she has been heavily involved with fabric development, color palette development and close partnership with sample makers and factories; as well as taking on eCommerce sales management, inventory planning and sales data analysis. Knowing no product can succeed without the correct positioning, consumer need and a clear story, Brenna has found success in utilizing her strong market awareness, sales analysis experience and customer segmentation research. Brenna is known for balancing the creative and directional with the scalable and business-oriented.

From 2013-2017, Brenna was the Head of Design at The Arrivals. Responsible for product development and technical design of womenswear and menswear, she was hired by its 2 founders in 2013 to transform an initial idea into a rapidly expanding business; focusing on architecturally-inspired design, innovative materials and luxury-level quality. In this capacity, Brenna built out all aspects of the brand’s design DNA, market positioning, and visual brand narrative since a year pre-launch. Since the brand launched in 2014, she lead Design, PD and Merchandising of all product including outerwear, wovens, cut&sew, and accessories; as well as directed and managed Fabric R&D and Tech Design.

In 2018, Brenna moved into full-time freelance and consulting, designing for a wide array of brands, applying her multi-category experience onto very different and exciting projects. Brenna has been consulting for ethical and sustainable womenswear label and 2018 CFDA x Lexus Fashion Initiative finalists Cienne; designing womens swim for pre-launch swimwear brand NAYA, a womens and mens speed-to-market lifestyle capsule collection for Under Armour; and womens dresses, tailoring, embellishments/ embroidery and athleisure for Kate Spade under new Creative Director Nicola Glass. 

Brenna is authorized for all US employment via Green Card.